Cornerstone Foundation’s Vision, Mission & Values statement


Cornerstone Foundation’s vision is to save young lives that matter.  We want  to change and improve the circumstances of  our youth who find themselves in difficult situations and therefore enrich their lives by reaching out to them in ways that support, comfort and empower them.


Cornerstone Foundation is a Non Profit Company that aims to create, find and support intervention and educational programmes that uplift and improve the wellbeing of our youth and their affected families. We strive to provide opportunities to build up and strengthen youth, families and communities through access to professional care and support.


The HEART of Cornerstone Foundation is:

Honesty – We believe that truth, honesty and sincerity are at the heart of a      strong and morally upright society and strive to uphold these values.

Education – Our programmes empower our youth by educating them and thereby giving them the tools to make sound choices.

Accountability – We acknowledge our responsibility toward Society, the youth in particular and to our Sponsors and accept accountability towards them for the quality of service we provide.

Respect & Responsibility – We act with consideration and respect towards all people regardless of race, religion and gender and treat them with dignity. We make decisions with special care and attention to the consequences they may hold for society.

Truth – The truth contained in the Gospel sets us free from societal ills and moral decay and calls for us to be true to our Creator and ourselves and to carry out our God-given duties with integrity.